Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Gregory Gibson
2008 hardcover
$24.00 JFJFJsale $11.95

Subtitled 'The Rare Book Dealer, the Times Square Talker, and the Lost Photos of Diane Arbus' -- this is a must-read for bibliofiles, sideshow enthusiasts, Arbus fans, and most of all collectors -- anyone who dreams of that one big score -- the priceless item with the $5 pricetag hiding in some corner at a fleamarket, garage sale or antique store.

'From the late 1950s until her death in 1971, renowned photographer Diane Arbus took pictures of oddball performers at the now-forgotten Hubert's Museum, a typical freak show in New York City's seedy Times Square. One frequent subject was Charlie Lucas, first a freak himself, later an inside talker. In 2003, Bob Langmuir, an anxiety-ridden, pill-popping, obsessive antiquarian book dealer from Philadelphia, unearthed a collection of photographs and memorabilia, including Lucas's journals and what he thought were Arbus's photos. This trove of genuine American kookiness came to dominate his life. Following Langmuir's quest—from the slums of Philadelphia to the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art—as he gathered, priced and ultimately came to understand this collection.'

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