Friday, March 27, 2009


Fred Rosen
paperback, 1995
$29.95 (out of print)

In 1978, sideshow performer Grady Stiles Jr., known as Lobster Boy (the sixth generation in a family afflicted with a condition known as electrodactylyl), picked up a shotgun and murdered the boyfriend of his eldest daughter. Placed on trial and convicted of the crime, he was granted 15 years probation due to the prison system's lack of facilities to cope with someone afflicted with his handicap. A dozen years later, Stiles himself was gunned down by a 19-year-old hitman hired by his wife and stepson in retaliation for years of physical and emotional abuse.

Quite simply one of the most bizarre biography/true crime books in print.

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Unknown said...

My brother and I saw him at a carnival at Wheaton Plaza (Maryland) c. 1973. He snarled "What are you lookin' at!?!", after we'd already paid the separate admission to the freak show.